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Hashmallim 04 and Pan Herma by peridive78 Hashmallim 04 and Pan Herma by peridive78
This is my completed version of the scrap.

Pan Herma: The son of a entrepreneur who became wealthy by starting a Cooperation that builds Yona and Bullet robots called Edenet. After his father's passing, Pan is more then determine to keep his old man's business up float, though he can be a little to snobby and overconfident about it in the wrong way.

He is a avenge human (a normal) (a none Silhouette or Mirage) Misfortunely Pan grow up his whole life completely unaware that a escaped GA (Hashmallim 04) was sleeping inside of him even sense he was born. Due to the fact that Pan has no natural Silhouette or Mirage powers, it was impossible for Hal and his followers to track down Hashmallim 04 and was never found after that "On Zohar's description". During those years, Hashmallim has became very fond of Pan's DNA and then made his body his home and some how can't leave Pan without killing either. When Pan gets hit by any altitude, Hashmallim rises out of Pan's mouth and reveals himself just like in this picture.

Inspired Stuffs by General-RADIX
Silhouette Mirage by Treasure
Pan Herma by peridive78
Hashmallim 04 from General-RADIX
General-RADIX Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Sweet, someone liked my design for Hashmallim enough to borrow it. XD

This looks like it would make for an interesting boss fight.
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014

Wow, you're friends with General-RADIX too? I happen to be a pal of her's on DA as well.

Nice job making a "finished" version of her fandom Guardian Angel. That thing would've been so awesome to see as an actual boss in Silhouette Mirage, especially its entrance, where it comes out of Pan Herma's body like that. I would expect it to use different powers for each of its two "side-heads" and you'd have to weaken both of them. Once both are down, you'd have to hack away at the center face (Hashmallim's Main Weak Point), quickly, before both side heads regenerate.

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January 14, 2013
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